Return Working Group 26th January 2012 – Minutes

Lama Batal – World Vision
Rachel Beach – J/P HRO
Giulia Bazziga - Concern
Hilary Dubose – CRS
Fredly Antenor – GOAL
James Bellamy – IFRC
Emmett Fitzgerald – IOM (16/6)

Documents to send and share:

  • Place Saint Pierre Camp Return Process Methodology
  • IOM Return Project Management Dashboard draft
  • IOM M&E methodology


  1. Update on Return Programs in Progress
  2. Database of all return solutions

1. Update on Return Programs in Progress
Each agency gave a brief update on return process progress. Note the updates were general rather than with exact figures. For more details, contact the appropriate agency.

World Vision:

  • 1 camp closed
  • By end of Feb 2 more will be closed
  • By end of March 3 will be more closed.
  • Biggest World Vision camp Neptune in Port au Prince, end of Feb threat of eviction. Seeking funding to close that camp.


  • Working in 12 camps.
  • Mais Gate expected to close by the middle of February.
  • Additional families tried to enter camp after the start of the program. Working with Mayor to move the new arrivals.
  • St Louis Gonzag (1000) almost finished except shelter construction
  • American Red Cross 29 camps or around 4500 households in Carrefour Feuill – will send a list and map.
    • Program may develop
    • House repairs of 5000 houses.
    • Where there is capacity in the house to try to convince owners to give 1 or 2 years of free rent in exchange for yellow house repairs.
  • Centre Sportif Dada 2 (700 households) request from the president
  • Evaluation of the project will be available in early Feb.
  • Considering adding a yellow house element to the program (repair of yellow housing in return for allowing a family to rent the space for a fixed number of years afterwards.)


  • 474 families have been moved out of 2 camps
  • 1 camp 100% closed
  • Working in 2 more small camps (total 243 families) to be closed by mid February.
  • Happy with program and possibility to move another 500 households with internal funds.
  • Seeking funding for even larger intervention.


  • Awaiting funding for camps.
  • Coordinating with IOM Camp Management and Data Unit to establish choice of camps.


  • In preparation phase in Place de la Paix in Delmas 2 (2,224 families)
  • Also 1 more camp
  • Finishing up staff recruitment.
  • February start communications
  • March start applications
  • Haven to do House Repair piece (540 house repairs available).
  • The hope is to do something along similar lines to IFRC idea putting camp residents in yellow houses in exchange for free rent.


  • IOM have finished the first phase or work in Place Saint Pierre, Place Boyer and Stade Sylvio Cator. Now working on monitoring and evaluation visits to assess the success of the program.
  • Canape Vert camp is now in progress. Scheduled to finish by the end of February.
  • Champs de Mars (4600 families). Work started this week with communication and application forms.
  • Next week, first rental property visits will take place.


  • Peter Kioy was introduced. He will be centralizing all IOM Return Program data and will also hold the database for cross checking between agencies to guard against one family receiving a return solution in multiple camps.
  • The verification will be difficult because of the lack of IDs.
  • Peter described the link to UNHCR's program which is providing identification documents for those who need it.
  • Once he has analysed the databases from each partner, Peter will make a recommendation to the group on whether the current set of application forms need to be adjusted.


1. IOM Delmas Return Coordinator briefed the meeting on a potential project:

  • There is a land owner with several properties who is particularly interested in making use of the land used for 1 particular camp.
  • He is willing to offer a legal agreement all of his other camps to stay in place without threat of eviction for 6 months/1year if he receives help to empty his target camp.
  • 231 families Near Simon Pelet
  • The owner is willing to match 50% of funding
  • Would any partner be interested in a joint venture?

2. World Bank neighborhood program

  • All actors need to make sure we know where WB are working to avoid duplication when planning new programs.
  • Talk with Claude (UNOPS) and Anna (WB) to make sure details are passed around to all group members. 

3. Return Communications

  • IOM showed a "how to" video for beneficiaries to understand the return process.
  • It is designed specifically for Champs de Mars, but the video can be re-cut and adapted to any other partner's program in any other camp if they are interested.
  • Contact Emmett Fitzgerald in case of interest :


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