Guiding principles on Internal displacement

The international community is confronted with the monumental task of ensuring protection for persons forcibly uprooted from their homes by violent conflicts, gross violations of human rights and other traumatic events, but who remain within the borders of their own countries. Nearly always they suffer from severe deprivation, hardship and discrimination. It is to meet this challenge that the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement were developed.

The Principles identify the rights and guarantees relevant to protection of the internally displaced in all phases of displacement. They provide protection against arbitrary displacement, offer a basis for protection and assistance during displacement, and set forth guarantees for safe return, resettlement and reintegration. Although they do not constitute a binding instrument, these Principles reflect and are consistent with international human rights and humanitarian laws and analogous refugee laws.

Principes directeurs relatifs au déplacement de personnes à l'intérieur de leur propre pays / Guiding principles on Internal displacement.

Version française et version anglaise.

Handbook for applying the Guiding principles on internal displacement

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