Septembre 2012 - Eviction Report (Eng version only)

English Version

This report contains the latest data on forced evictions from IDP camps in Haiti. The information has been collected by the IOM Camp Management Operations (CMO) and Protection teams up to 31 August 2012.

420 IDP sites in 12 communes have faced threats of eviction since records began in July 2010.

As of August 31, 60,978 individuals have been evicted (this includes IDPs living in camps that were totally evicted or partially evicted) from 152 sites.

Approximately 78,175 individuals are currently under threat of eviction. This represents 21 % of the total number of IDPs currently living in the camps in Haiti.Out of the 420 cases, 162 have been successfully resolved without eviction. In 35 camps there were successful mediation processes with the landowners. In 127 camps the eviction was curtailed through provision of return assistance. The cases resolved have benefited 100,423 people.

3% of the IDP population currently threatened with eviction is located on public land, and 97% is located on private land.

Delmas continues to be the most affected commune followed by Tabarre.








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